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How to Keep a Healthy Car Battery

Understanding Your Car Battery:

Your car battery provides the electrical energy that your vehicle needs to start, and it also supplies energy to the accessories while the vehicle is not running. The battery is rechargeable and is recharged by the alternator as you drive the vehicle. A batteries life span is 3-5+ years depending on the quality of battery purchased. To avoid starting issues plan on replacing the battery before the end of it’s life span.

Signs of a Failing battery are:

1. You see a light labeled "Bat", "Alt", "Gen" or looks like a picture of a square battery. If the light illuminates while driving this means that there is a problem with your car or trucks charging system.

2. Your car starts slowly.

2. Your headlights and interior lights are dimmer than usual.

3. The car won’t start and clicks and requires a jump start.

If you are unsure if your battery is in good health you can bring your car in to Nichols Auto Repair in Wheat Ridge, Colorado and they will test your battery for free.

How to Extend the Life of your battery:

1. Make sure all interior lights and accessories are off when the car is not being operated.

2. Do not leave the vehicle sitting for prolonged amounts of time without running it. If you don’t run your vehicle often make sure to take the vehicle on short drives in colder temps.

3. Keep your battery, corrosion free, by having a battery service completed. Nichols Auto repair offers a highly effective battery service for a minimal cost and it only takes minutes.

4. If you store your vehicle for extended periods of time be sure to disconnect the battery and keep the it out of below freezing temperatures.

How to Select a New battery:

1. Nichols Auto Repair Mechanics will test your battery to ensure it is in great working order. If it is not, they will make a recommendation on a quality replacement battery that comes with a 5-year warranty.

2. The most important factors that Nichols Considers when selecting your new battery is Cold Cranking Amps and battery fit/size for your vehicle based on manufacturers recommendation.

Keeping this information in mind will keep your car free of battery issues and will prevent starting and charging issues. To schedule your battery check call Nichols at 303-421-1414.

Nichols Auto Repair Shop Mechanics are ASE certified and service Wheat Ridge, Arvada, Lakewood, Golden, Westminster and other Surrounding Denver Metro Locations.

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