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Understanding Your Car's Alternator

Alternator Overview

Your vehicle's alternator is responsible for charging the battery and powering the electronic accessories while your vehicle is running. Most often people think that starting issues are only a result of a bad battery but there are times when the battery is only drained because the alternator is failing to recharge it. Being that your alternator powers your vehicles electrical system it is important that it is functioning in tip top shape as the sensors in your vehicle require the proper voltage to run effectively.

How to tell if your alternator is failing

The alternator is an electrical component itself so it may fail intermittently making it difficult to diagnose. The ASE certified technicians at Nichols Auto Repair are skilled at diagnosing failing Alternators. Signs that your alternator is failing are:

1. The “ALT” warning light on your dash comes on. The light may remain on or it may only turn on when multiple accessories are being used at once. This light may not always come on so read the next few signs.

2. Dimmer than usual lights.

3. Instrument gauge may not be working consistently.

4. Battery requires a jump. Remember the Alternator is responsible for keeping the battery charged.

5. You smell burning rubber coming from under the hood in the alternator location or you hear a whining squealing noise. This can be a result of a failing alternator component such as a belt or pulley.

Your Local Mechanic Shop Can Help

If you suspect that your alternator may be failing come on into Nichols. We offer same day repair and maintenance appointments and a free visual diagnosis.

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