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Your Vehicles Disc Brake System

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Disc Brakes – Why they are important

Our vehicles are important to us for many reasons. They take us on family road trips, get us to and from work, and for some they visually display the fruits of successful hard work. Because we use our vehicles daily it is important to understand the #1 safety feature, which are your disc brakes. Understanding how this system works and why it is important to maintain a complete functioning brake system is key to your safety and the safety of others on the road with you.

How the Disc Brake System Works

The main components of the brake system are the Calipers, Brake Pads, and Rotors. The calipers squeeze the brake pads against both sides of the rotors and that friction slows the vehicles wheels down by removing the kinetic energy and stopping your vehicle.

Why maintaining your Brake Pads is important?

Keeping the pads on your vehicle maintained will extend the life of your entire braking system. When the pads wear down beyond the life of the part and you continue to drive on them it can cause premature damage to your calipers and rotors.

A quality maintenance brake package will run on average $220/axle. However, if the pads are not replaced the repair cost to replace the calipers and rotors can run upwards of $1500 or more depending on the type of vehicle and the quality of the parts used.

To help customers avoid costly repairs our auto repair technicians will inspect your brake system for free. We also inspect your brake system every time you come in for other maintenance services such as oil changes. We will let you know the life of the pads remaining so that you can plan for this very important repair.

Signs your Brake System may be failing

Here are a few signs that you may need to have your brakes checked and or replaced.

1. Squealing, Screeching, or whining noise when the brakes are engaged or after the brake are engaged.

2. Grinding feel in the pedal when braking can be a sign that the components in the brake system are making contact and your calipers and rotors may also need replaced.

3. Indicator Light Illuminates - Some vehicles have warning lights when the brake system needs attention.

How Long does it take to replace your brake pads?

We have same day appointments on most days, and we can generally have you in and back on the road within a couple of hours.

Your Local Mechanic Shop Can Help

If you suspect that your brakes may be failing come on into Nichols Automotive. We offer same day repair and maintenance appointments and a free visual diagnosis.

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